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Games for Upper Limb Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Date: October 2007 – Current
  • Summary: A PhD research project investigating how game design principles can be effectively applied to upper-limb stroke rehabilitation. Involved the development of games using webcam and augmented reality (ARToolKitPlus) technology and evaluating these games with stroke patients. Games were developed in the Microsoft XNA platform whilst analytical tools were developed with Visual C#.
Future Shock

Future Shock

  • Date: May 2008
  • Summary: A 2D platform game created for the Microsoft “Imagine Cup” game development competition by a team I mentored from University of Ulster. The game finished in the top 20, out of a possible 120+ submissions worldwide.
Sky Surfer

Sky Surfer

  • Date: May 2007
  • Summary: A 3D game in which you must steer and jump your hovercar through each platform course in order to reach the golden ring at the end of the level. Designed and developed as a solo final year degree project in Microsoft XNA 1.0.


  • Date: December 2006
  • Summary: 2-player platform shooter which pits friends against each other. Features several different weapons, turrets, 6 different levels to battle it out, and game modes of capture-the-flag and deathmatch. Developed in Microsoft XNA as part of a solo university coursework project.


  • Date: May 2005
  • Summary: A single player side scrolling space shoot ‘em up, much in the style of the classic R-Type. Developed in Game Maker as part of second year university group coursework.